Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Nation Mission Histories/Ethnographies/Mass/Use/Evangelization Book Recommendations

The Paths of Kateri's Kin (American Indian Catholics/Christopher Vecsey, Vol 2) by Christopher Vecsey

The Jesuit Relations: Natives and Missionaries in Seventeenth-Century North America (The Bedford Series in History and Culture) by Allan Greer

Why Have You Come Here?: The Jesuits and the First Evangelization of Native America (Paperback) by Nicholas P. Cushner

Ethnographies and Exchanges: Native Americans, Moravians, and Catholics in Early North America (Max Kade German-American Research Institute) by A. G. Roeber

The Crossing of Two Roads: Being Catholic and Native in the United States (American Catholic Identities) by Marie Therese Archambault, Mark G. Thiel, and Christopher Vecsey

Del unico modo de atraer a todos los pueblos a la verdadera religion (Spanish Edition) (also known as De Vocationis Modo) by Fray Bartolome De Las Casas

An Account of the Antiquities of the Indians: A New Edition, with an Introductory Study, Notes, and Appendices by José Juan Arrom (Chronicles of the New World Encounter) by Fray Ramon Pané, José Juan Arrom, and Susan Griswold (in Spanish : Relacion acerca de las antiguedades de los indios (Spanish Edition) by Fray Ramon Pane, Jose Juan Arrom, and ed )

Sites below taken from : http://mysite.verizon.net/driadzbubl/IndianMasses.html

Book of the 7 Nations (Mohawk/Algonquin, Cuoq 1865)

Processional Iroquois (Mohawk, Cuoq 1864)

Collection of Huron Songs (Picard, before 1838)

Collections of Prayers and Canticles (Algonquin, 1898)

Religious Chant in Montagnais (Durocher 1847)

Book of Prayers in Saulteaux (Lacombe, 1880)

Indian Good Book (Abenaki/Micmac/Passamaquoddy/Montagnais Vetromile 1856)

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