Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

So as I was composing my first blog entry, I decided to sit by my window and take in the breeze. Anyway while sitting there I took in the sights,sounds,smells and general vibe of my block. Pretty normal if I do say so myself, that was until I heard this, "My breath don't smell like doo doo !", lol. Yes people I actually heard that, but don't fret these words were spoken by a child (though I've heard adults say much worse). So you may be asking yourself, whats the big deal ? and frankly you have the right to do just that. But I'm hoping to milk that one phrase and turn it into a blog entry (maybe I need a vacation).

Anyway, this wasn't some at random phrase thrown around for amusement. It was said within the context of a squabble between this child (who I would assume was at around 7 or 8 years of age) and an older playmate/sibling (probably around 12 or 13 years of age). I guess by now, you're asking what is the point I'm trying to make. Well remember when you were at that awkward age when you were to old to play with the little kids, but to young to play with the big kids, well thats exactly what that reminded me of. I know not exactly a ground breaking revelation, but it took me back to a time when I to was at that awkward phase in my life (I'm still there people.)It made me think that perhaps we never grow out of that stage in our lives. How so you ask, well here's how:

So anyway what ensued was a back and forth "argument" between the involved parties. Mind you not a serious argument, but the kind of argument where you try and prove your "street cred". In both cases trying to prove that you can hold your own among the "big boys" and that you're not a "little kid". What is ironic about this whole ordeal is the fact that adults engage in such activity practically every single day.

Take a step back for a moment and review some of your own relationships and ask yourself; how many times have you shunned your association with a certain group for the sake of fitting in within a certain institution, peers etc. ? After having done so, also recall the methods you employed to establish your "street cred" if you will of why you deemed yourself worthy of being counted amongst them. Was it worth it ? and if so why ?

Mind you I am all for growing as a person and sometimes you really do need that push to "burn your bridges" (frankly some people are just downright unhealthy for you), but like my confessor (Yeah I'm Catholic :P) once told me, "You must PURIFY your intentions.". What exactly does that entail ? Well a multitude of things really, but most importantly it entails removing from your path any self serving agendas that cloud your judgement.So if for instance you are angry, because someone you were trying to help didn't listen to YOU, then perhaps YOU are the problem (Yep I'm pointing the finger at YOU (and myself as well).). Why you ask, because in all likelihood you are not doing for the person's benefit, but for the gratification that YOU were able to convince someone of a given position. Plainly put, purifying one's intentions indicates being both HUMBLE and PATIENT. Not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same way. So in the meantime what do you do, YOU (yeah this is the part where YOU come in) offer it up to GOD, and let GOD handle it, YOU however can sit on the sidelines and pray on it. Now while I did say that one should be both humble and patient, this does not negate the fact that it can sometimes be downright frustrating and that anger will eventually settle in (it is human nature after all), but make sure your anger is JUSTIFIED (you know like about important things like abortions, abused children and animals,etc., stuff like that). Even then, bear the burden of your cross with a smile, because you're not alone and in ALL things weigh out the consequences of your actions and NEVER make any rash judgments. Somewhat off topic, but also a point related to the general theme of this entry.

Anyway, say what you will about RENT, but this song rocks my socks:

Rent- Will I Lose My Dignity ?

There I said it.

In such a fast paced world we live in, how much do we consider the dignity of our being, life, souls etc. . How many times just for the sake of conformity and living up to the expectations of others who may not have our best interests at heart, do we give up who we are. Will someone care ? Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare ? Will I lose my dignity ? These are the questions our souls ask of us at every turn when we go against who we are. It is good to listen to the voices of others (and sometimes change) when it is the right thing (even though it may be difficult at times), but sometimes we have to rely on our own GOD given voices within to lead our lives and ultimately live with the consequences of those choices. As I previously said, consider EVERY choice you make in your life, you only live ONCE, make sure you lead and live a worthwhile existence.

Yeah I just killed everyone's buzz, sorry folks, :P.

Enjoy the song for what it is on its own merits. Its strange though, the ENTIRE song is made up of questions, but they don't get answered in the song. Perhaps it was the intention of the lyricist for the person listening to the song to arrive at their own conclusions. Then again maybe I am giving them too much credit.

So this one goes out to the kid who said "My breath don't smell like doo doo?", because in some cases he may be right (assuming we do and say the right things), but other times the thing coming out from our mouths (if I may be crass) are doo doo.

So I ask you this (my own personal motto): "Live each and every single day as if it were your last, if and only IF you can live with the consequences of your actions today in the case that there is a tomorrow."

Yeah I know my grammar is atrocious, but this is a blog people, its not meant to be all prim and proper. Its meant to reflect the average speech and conversations we engage in on a daily basis. So look at this as if you were speaking/listening to a friend(a rather long winded one at that,:P) and take it for what it is.

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  1. I loved me when i young!! things were simple. and the worst thing you would say is your breath smells like poo! but now we use words to truly hurt people. its horrible!


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