Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Priestly Garb From East to West and everything in between

As we all know, the office of priesthood is universal to all nations and eras. The Catholic Church is no different in this respect.

Below are some examples of Priestly garb from East to West :




Byzantine (While there are various Byzantine Churches, the vestments typically follow the same design)

As a side, I LOVE this Deacon set (save for the rose motif, but The Seraphim makes up for it.). Makes me want to run out and become a Deacon, mouth waters*


Syro Malabar/Malankara (Chaldean or East Syrian)

Maronite (Antiochian)


The images above represent a small portion of the variety of Liturgical Vestments used by Catholic Clergy the world over within the various Rites (please note that I have not included all churches within each Rite.).

As one would expect priestly attire was known to the Indigenous groups of The Americas pre Contact. Below are some examples from The Mexica and The Inca :

The Mexica

The Inca

What adaptations could be constructed from the priestly garb above and those used within The Catholic Church ? What forms of priestly garb are found amongst other First Nation groups can be salvaged and put to use within The Catholic Church ?

Keep in mind that a Rite and Use must be developed from a pre existing Rite. So for instance, if one wished to adopt The Latin Chasuble utilizing motifs from The Inca priest's garb (it seems fitting for a Bishop (he even has a Chalice and a pre Christian staff (Crosier foreshadowing perhaps ?), how would one go about it. Keep in mind this is all hypothetical and nothing is set in stone.

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